The eucharistic education of young children.

The eucharistic education of young children.

Excerpted from Counsels of Perfection for Christian Mothers

When your children have reached the age of reason, it becomes your duty to explain to them, in the clearest and most precise language, the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  Commence by telling them that the beauty of a church does not consist in its riches and ornaments, nor in the pomp of its exterior ceremonies, but rather in the Real Presence of Jesus, who dwells in the Tabernacle day after day, surrounded by angels, who bow down in unceasing adoration before Him.

You must next instill in your children the knowledge of the Holy Mass and of the great mystery which takes place in it.  This task is not at all beyond your powers. For example, you can say to them:  ‘‘The same Jesus who was born in a stable, and who died for love of you on the cross, descends from Heaven at the moment when the little bell rings, and the people around you bow down.  He is as really present on the altar as He was in former days in the midst of His disciples, and as He is today in Heaven.’’  Where is the child, however unintelligent he may be, who cannot comprehend this language?

But do not imagine that your task is ended when you have enlightened your children on the great mystery of the Mass.  You must then inspire in them a love and a yearning for this God who descends on the altar every morning because He loves us, and wishes to be near us.  This is a very fruitful mine for the piety of the Christian mother to explore.

Your children will see certain persons approaching the Holy Table during Mass.  Take occasions from this spectacle to impress upon them the grandeur of the act which these persons are performing.  Insist on the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Host, and draw the attention of your children to the happiness of these people.  What greater honor and joy can come to anyone than the possession of God in his heart?  Thus you will induce your children to desire this happiness for themselves.

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