Cor Jesu Press

Cor Jesu Press is a Catholic publishing company started by a small family in Louisiana wanting to revive pious devotional works, initially for our own spiritual reading.  However, finding many of these works that were written before the 1900s were on the verge of extinction, we started re-typesetting, formatting, and binding some of our favorite titles with new, attractive cover art, and before long, a few friends at our parish took notice, and we realized there was a specific need for beautiful, substantial devotional books for the laity. With continued positive feedback on the books, Cor Jesu Press came to be.

Our mission is clear, provide Catholic books which are:

+ Practical: Books that are immediately impactful on your spiritual life.
+ Short (ish): 
Readable works for the laity that can be taken in slowly and re-read.
+ Faithful: 
clear Catholic teaching.
+ Beautiful: 
well formatted texts, attractive covers, and feels good in the hand.

Our Books