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Fr. Lacordaire

Life of Saint Dominic

Life of Saint Dominic

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The Life of Saint Dominic presents the most faithful biography of the founder of the Order of Preachers. Drawing from the earliest sources, those who knew Dominic well, Fr. Lacordaire weaves together a moving account of his life:

“His contemporaries have bequeathed us brief but numerous records concerning him. Their perusal has filled me with admiration, so simple yet sublime is the spirit pervading them. What I have found I have faithfully recorded; but it was impossible to transcribe the deep love for Dominic with which these ancient writings overflow. Their testimony is unimpeachable.”

 In reading the life of the holy Patriarch—his founding of the Dominican Order, his institution of the Rosary, his miracles, and his death—a vibrant portrait of the saint emerges:

“So pure was he and so full of holy zeal, that at the first glance one knew him to be a vessel of honour and grace. His countenance, though radiant with sweetness, commanded respect; yet he easily won the hearts of all, even at first sight. He rarely slept on a bed, but passed his nights in church. He wore but mean garments; he kept his body in subjection. Who shall ever equal this man’s virtue? Nevertheless, let us imitate our Father, that we may enter by the narrow way into that blissful country whither the blessed Dominic has gone before.”


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