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Ven. Michael of St. Augustine, O. Carm.

Life with Mary

Life with Mary

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The Carmelite Order is a Marian Order. In fact, among all the Religious Orders, Carmel stands forth as the Marian Order. For the Carmelite life in its very being is Marian, that is, directed to Mary’s honor and glory through its essential action of prayer and imitation of her sacrifice at the foot of the Cross. With the Venerable Father Michael of St. Augustine, Belgian Carmelite of the seventeenth century, the Carmelite Marian life receives its most profound expression to date.

The present work aims to introduce Carmelite Marian Devotion to the English-speaking world through the presentation of the life and doctrine of the Venerable Michael of St. Augustine.

Venerable Michael of St. Augustine’s “Mariform and Marian Life, in Mary and for Mary” is one of the most beautiful tracts on the Marian life found in the Catholic Church, and is recognized as a compendium of the deepest traditions in Carmelite devotion to Mary.

May this work be pleasing to Our Lady, the Mother of Carmel. To her is it dedicated as a small token of gratitude and filial love, reverence, and obedience.

I should like to have lips the purest to pronounce the name of Mary, and a pen of gold to write it.” -Blessed Miriam of Jesus Crucified

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