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Fr. Martin von Cochem

The Four Last Things

The Four Last Things

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Faced with the inevitability of death, we all share that deep and persisting need to know what comes after. The longstanding recommendation of the saints is to meditate on the four things each of us is destined to face at the end of life—death, judgment, heaven and hell.

The Four Last Things, written by Father Martin von Cochem, a 17th century Franciscan, plumbs the depths of these truths with clarity. Through meditation on the last things, readers are urged to deepen their commitment to a life lived solely for Christ. The sobering reflections contained herein have the power to convert hearts and enkindle true contrition for sin.

Meditation on The Last Things is a powerful remedy against sin and vice. Serious prayer with the four last things will enable us to conquer the fiercest temptations.

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