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Fr. Jean Grou

The Interior of Mary

The Interior of Mary

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This little book, which we beg you to read, treats of the life of Our Lord’s Blessed Mother. Not the minute details of her exterior life, but her interior dispositions, which were the spirit of her external actions. For its object, as its name indicates, is to manifest the Inner Life of Mary. It is, therefore, a book for interior souls—for those with a deep devotion to Our Lady and desire to study what she loved that they may embrace it, and who seek to know better her Immaculate Heart that they may make their own hearts like unto hers. The work may thus be used as a book of meditation or of spiritual reading. Such souls will be astonished at the riches disclosed to them by Father Grou.

Jean Grou, S.J. (1731 - 1803) was a French priest of the Society of Jesus. Living through the turbulent French Revolution, Fr. Grou was known for his works of piety including The Manual for Interior Souls and Characteristics of True Devotion.

“There cannot be a more intimate union in the order of grace than that of Mary with Jesus. The dispositions and sentiments of the Son are communicated to the soul of the mother; he imparts to her a share in every affection of his heart”

— Fr. Jean Grou


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