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Pope Leo XIII

The Practice of Humility

The Practice of Humility

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Though dedicated to his Seminarists, this treatise will be found very suitable to all classes and conditions of men. Is there not reason to think it will even be so cherished by the faithful as to rank with the Imitation and the Spiritual Combat? So true to life are its admonitions, so profound and searching its lessons, that through-out the Holy Father seems to speak as the spiritual director of every individual soul, as the physician of each human heart, and as the Good Shepherd seeking out the lost sheep. That one so well versed in the secrets of the interior life, and so fully acquainted with the sufferings of poor humanity, should place his finger upon The Practice of Humility as the crying want of the age.  — Joseph Vaughan, O.S.B., Preface

Additionally, an appendix includes the commentary of St. Bernard on the "Twelve Degrees of Humility" taken from the Rule of St. Benedict.


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