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Fr. Jean Pierre de Caussade

The Spiritual Letters of Père De Caussade

The Spiritual Letters of Père De Caussade

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Père de Caussade is well-known for his book, Abandonment to Divine Providence. In that work we learn the theory of self-abandonment into the hands of God.

In the present volume of his Spiritual Letters we see the teacher putting his doctrine into practice, both for himself and for others; and at once we discover that though it is not the less attractive, still it is not so easy as it seemed. The way is no mere smooth surface.

But this, perhaps, is really the secret of Caussade’s success, and it is revealed in these Letters more than in his former book; he shows himself as a very human being indeed, who has learnt his doctrine of self-abandonment, not from theory, but from the hard necessity of having had to reduce to order his own recalcitrant soul. Caussade also shows himself to be a student of the Spanish mystics, often quoting St. Theresa in support of his doctrine.

In these letters may many souls find the way of peace, of simplicity, and of joy in the Lord through the perfect practice of abandonment to Divine Providence.

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